The communities app is a multi-user interactive art piece that was displayed at galleries in Poughkeepsie, NY and Cleveland Heights, OH simultaneously, allowing users from both cities to interact with a single digital piece electronically. Users can still obtain and interact with the piece via their Android or Apple iOS devices using the links below, and add their changes to the gallery of user images.


Artist Statement:

While global reach has innumerable benefits, one of the unintended consequences is the increased feeling of isolation: when we live everywhere, our home is nowhere. For this reason our immediate communities are more important than ever. However we define them, communities group us, ground us, and provide us with a sense of security and identity. This show, Grid Series: Communities, seeks to explore and celebrate not only the physical communities we inhabit, but also the seemingly disparate communities of fine art and digital media by providing a platform for engagement and interaction. Through the incorporation of digital media, Grid Series: Communities also calls in to question the role of space and physical proximity with regard to community, how we view ourselves within that context, and whether shared experience facilitates that connection in a meaningful way.

User Images

Below is a gallery of images created by users during the run of the Communities show at Heights Arts Gallery in Cleveland Heights, Ohio.